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Fly Fishing in the Baja

A little about the area

   Located on the East Cape of Mexico's Baja Peninsula is sport fishing destination of Los Barriles Mexico, a quaint fishing town on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. Only 1 hour north of Los Cabos Airport (SJD), the East Cape is truly gem.

   Endless miles of beach run into 6,000 ft. mountains full of tropical flora and fauna. These mountains have everything from Waterfalls, Caves and Natural Hot Springs to Mango plantations. As you decline into the foothills 20 foot tall cactus dot the landscape, and as you can see it is very lush, with tropical flowers growing in about crack they can. Quail, Roadrunner and Mexican Eagle are seen here often. Freshwater springs sprout groves of Palm, these areas are plentiful with life.

   The East Cape is know for it's world class sport fishing, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, spearfishing, kayaking, dirt biking and kite boarding. It has many other activities to keep you occupied.

  The East Cape is like taking a small step back in time, as it still has that old Mexico feel to it sometimes, but it offers all of the modern amentities to make the area perfect for a destination fishing vacation. The area is full of American owned homes to rent, and there is even a few beautiful Hotels to rest your head. It is very SAFE here, and there is very little crime.

 The town of Los Barriles Mexico is a unique coastal fishing town made up with local fisherman, retired Americans, kitesurfers (mostly in the winter months) and many fishing bums have made it here and never left.

  Los Barriles and the next town to the south Bueno Vista are basically connected, and offer the traveler many options, both in activities and accommodations.

  The town has many small stores, including many selling local handcrafted items, a tackle shop, super market, banks, laundry mat, hardware store, auto mechanics, gas stations, liquor store, money exchange, spas, rv trailor parks, car rentals . The main road, takes you through town with most of the areas bars and restaurants on either side.

    The food here is great with many options to choose from, there is many small taco spots, El Viejo is my favorite. For a pizza Lite House Pizza is a great pie. For some good steak or sandwiches and some great fried chicken, Tio Pablo's is popular, Smokey's Bar & Grill has

flat screens if you want to catch the game and the have tons of tasty menu items and Bay View at Hotel Palmas De Cortez has ocean view fine dinning. And the Roadrunner Café has excellent breakfast and they serve a mean cup of coffee.

    Los Barriles has many choices when looking for a place to stay, we recommend Van Wormer Resorts. They own Hotel Palmas De Cortez, Hotel Playa Del Sol and Hotel Punta Colorado. All of our package fishing trips are quoted from prices for these hotels. Many other options are available, you can contact 247 Fly Fishing via our contact page, for any more information.

The Fishing                            

    As I had mentioned in the previous section the East Cape of the Baja is known world wide for Sportfishing, as many world records have been set in the area.

   Anglers travel from all over the globe to the Baja's East Cape to fish it's fertile waters. Many Different types of fish find the East Cape home and the populations change seasonally in the Sea of Cortez.

   Some of the fish you may see are Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Durado or Mahi-Mahi, Roosterfish, Snapper, Grouper, many species of Jacks, stingray, Squid, Pompano, Wahoo, Pargo, Sierra Mackerel and endless amounts of other species.

    As a Flyfisher the East Cape is known for it's Roosterfish fishing as some of the area is called Roosterfish Alley and produces some large Roosterfish from both the boats and from the beach.

     The area also has some excellent blue-water fly fishing for Billfish as the area is known for it's large numbers of Striped Marlin and Sailfish, which concentrate on huge schools of baitfish that frequent the areas warm waters.

    Mike Rieser and his staff from Baja Fly Fishing Company have sharpened there skills and use specified techniques to "tease up" the wary beasts of the deep. Mike himself has written a book called "Fly Fishing the Baja and Beyond,'' it is available in our Webstore or on Baja Fly Fishing Companies website, it is highly informative and is an excellent read not just to learn about the East Cape region but it also concentrates on techniques from rigging and presentation to fish behavior and history of the Baja peninsula.

   The area also has tons of Durado or Mahi- Mahi, which are excellent fair on a flyrod. these acrobatic fish put on quit the fight and are known for their jumping, their pulling power and of coarse their brilliant colors.

    On occasion the area has some good fly fishing for yellowfin tuna, large schools of fish are seen crashing bait on the surface, football size fish are an exciting fight on a fly rod, these fish are pure power but as a prize are excellent table fair and can be prepared for you at many of the areas local restaurants.

    Sierra Mackerel pass through the area in the late fall, these toothy fish are caught mostly on thin wire leaders and quickly stripped flys. Sierra are excellent for ceviche.

    The area has really hot inshore fishing for many species of fish. Large Jack Crevalle are very fun on the fly often taking it with reckless abandon, followed by lightning fast runs, "El Toro" as it is known to the local fisherman are one of my favorite fish to catch on the fly rod. Other species of Jacks are also caught inshore, Green Barred Jacks, Mexican Lookdown Jacks and Black Jacks are also caught inshore and are often fooled by small baitfish or crab patterns. Jacks are regularly caught from the beach and are known for their speed and agility.

    Other species are also caught on the fly rod here. Ladyfish, Grouper, Pargo and Snapper and are targeted off of rock outcroppings and are caught using weighted sinking flylines and heavily weighted flys. All of these species can be very challenging on the flyrod and are all excellent to eat.

   We also see a few other species of Pompano, both African Pompano and Gaff Tailed Pompano frequent these waters, the plate like fish are known in Spanish as "Palametto." Pompano are a great fight on the fly rod are often caught on small baitfish pattern which are stripped at a fluid pace

    Many other species are caught on the fly here are many more have yet to fooled only the future will tell.

    Just to prove it to you here is a picture of Mike Rieser from Baja Fly Fishing Company, with a fly caught "Golden Travelle."

     Remember if you would like to book a fishing trip of would like some more information on fly fishing the Baja peninsula, use our Contact page or you can use this link to Baja Fly Fishing Company.