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  The Green River is known worldwide by anglers as on of the best trout waters in the Western United States if not the World. Very few rivers are as beautiful as the Green with 12,000 ft. red rock cliffs, crystal clear water, abundant wildlife and an amazing 15,000 trout per mile make the Green River the choice for many anglers annually.

   The Green River is located in Northeastern Utah's Ashley National Forest, in an area known as "Flaming Gorge," named by explorer John Wesley Powell for it spectacular red rock formations. The Green River fills up the Flaming Gorge Reservoir after working it's way out of the Wind River Mountain Range.

         The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is one of the most productive trout rivers in the world, as a year-round fishery, the Green has been the topic of many articles and TV shows. 

        The Green River's beauty is unsurpassed with almost 30 miles of fishable trout water the Green River is an excellent choice for anglers of all ability levels.


    Beginning at the base of Flaming Gorge Dam, the "A-Section" of Utah's Green River has amazing views right from the start. The boat launching area is located only a few hundred yards from the base of Flaming Gorge Dam. This launch area is highly used, and is the starting point for most float trips, as it is the only access point for the first 7 miles of river, and ending at Little Hole day access area, which has a very nice trail along it one bank the entire distance which makes it an ideal choice for anglers both from a boat or from the shore.

     The A- Section has 7 miles of diverse trout habitat, it's waters are full of aquatic insects (our hatch chart), which feed the near 15,000 trout per mile on this section of river. With year-round crystal clear water the "A" is the most popular piece of water, and is known as the "AQUARIUM," it is unbelievable how many fish can be see by even the naked eye here. "A" has a very different feel as you navigate it's 7 miles of diverse water, the first 3 miles float fairly slow with lots of deep holes and back eddy pools, the next 3 miles are faster flowing with many rapids and the last mile is wider as the canyon opens up. 


    Starting at Little Hole day use area, the "B-section" of the Green River is much different than the "A" section, it is a wider flatter piece of water, that has very few rapids.

      About 6 miles down "B" a silt based creek named Red Creek enters the river, at this junction one would find Red Creek Rapids a 1/4 mile long, rock filled, class 3 rapid, which can pose a threat to even experienced oarsmen. We highly recommend that the rapid should be scouted first before being ran.

      Because Red Creek is a silt based creek it does "muddy up" the river during many points of the season, leaving the lower portion of this section very murky.

      The "B" section is know for having some very healthy, wild trout. It is a beautiful piece of water, with abundant wildlife and spectacular views in every direction. You are allowed to camp on the "B" section in improved Forest Service campsites,(you can reserve them at Little Hole day use area). Old Moe Guide Service, offers overnight float trips which can be a great way to experience this section of river, checkout (RATES&SERVICES) page for more details.


      The "C" section begins in Brown's Park at Indian Crossing campground and flows all the way to the Colorado border. This slow moving piece of water is not near as popular for fishing as the "A" and "B" sections. But at certain times of year can have some great hatches and a few nice wild trout.

      The shores of the "C" section are lined with cottonwood trees and rolling hills with and red rock cliffs. Wildlife is seen all around you as you float the "C" section, you are floating right through Brown's Park Wildlife refuge.

       The trout on the "C" section are very wild, hard fighting fish, but there are not very many fish(only a few hundred per mile) and they a pose a challenge for even the most experienced anglers.

    The staff at Old Moe Guide service are very experienced guiding the "C" section, and are not afraid to try multiple tactics, to try and fool these wild fish, no purists here we will get down and dirty to try and catch a big fish. Contact us for more information.